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Industrial Drill

Production Capabilities

Metal Tech Manufacturing’s facility is strategically located to leverage the robust logistics and transportation networks of the region. This prime location ensures efficient and timely delivery of our products to clients across the nation, reinforcing our commitment to reliability and client satisfaction.

Visit us at -1445 S 18th St, Clinton, IA 52732
where innovation meets precision in every project we undertake.


Horizontal Lathe - Quick Turn 250 MSY Smooth G

  • Features: Sub-spindle, milling spindle, Y-axis capabilities.

  • Benefits: Allows for simultaneous, precision machining of complex parts, reducing turnaround time and increasing efficiency.

  • Applications: Ideal for small components manufacturing.


Horizontal Lathe - Quick Turn 250 MY Smooth G

  • Features: Milling functions, Y-axis capabilities.

  • Benefits: High productivity in complex part production with minimal setup.

  • Applications: Effective for tool making and custom manufacturing projects.

Mazak QT250

Quick Turn Nexus 250-II MSY Matrix Nexus

  • Features: Multi-tasking capabilities with main and second spindles, Y-axis.

  • Benefits: Streamlines operations by combining several processes into one machine, reducing setup time.

  • Applications: Perfect for manufacturing gears, shafts, and other intricate components.

Mazak QTN

Quick Turn Nexus 200 640T Nexus Console

  • Features: High-rigidity structure, user-friendly interface.

  • Benefits: Offers consistent performance and easy operability, optimizing production efficiency.

  • Applications: Best for general machining

Mazak QTN200

Nexus 410B - 640M Nexus Console

  • Features: High-speed spindle, advanced control technology.

  • Benefits: Ensures precision and speed in heavy-duty machining, excellent surface finish.

  • Applications: Ideal for industrial components, and mold making.

Misc Mazak Machine

Nexus 700D - II Matrix Nexus

  • Features: Large table size, robust construction.

  • Benefits: Handles larger workpieces with ease, providing durability and stability under tough conditions.

  • Applications: Optimal for heavy industries such as energy and large-scale manufacturing.

Mazak Machine 1185

VTC - 250 D/50, 640 MN

  • Features: Dual-column, high-torque spindle, optional full 4th axis.

  • Benefits: Delivers high precision and flexibility for a wide range of vertical milling operations.

  • Applications: Suitable for manufacturing large parts in construction equipment sectors.

Mazak VTC250D50

Assembly Welding

  • Assembly Welding 

  • Weld Lathe

Welding specialist

Metal Tech Manufacturing is equipped with a state-of-the-art Mazak lineup, ensuring superior precision and efficiency.

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