Sample Parts

What Metal-Tech has to offer

•We have state of the art equipment
•Top notch programmers
•Our size allows us to be very flexible in our manufacturing processes
•We pride our company on the quality of the product we supply
•Our manufacturing/quality allows us to make parts right the first time
•Response time is individual, and based on each companies need. We are able to change and adapt  to our customers requirements very quickly

Based upon our customer’s unique specific requirements and specifications we provide the following services:

•Manage an integrated network of sub contractors based upon your  specific project requirements
• Maintain inventory of both; raw material, and fully completed parts
• Provide all required material certifications
•Provide all required dimensional inspection reports
•Will ship your parts per your specific packaging requirements
•Ship fully processed parts based upon your delivery schedule, to your specified locations
•Maintain all required documentation
•Electronic capabilities available to interface with other companies, such as being EDI capable
•Experience with online auctions