Based upon our customer’s unique specific requirements and specifications we provide the following services

• Manage an integrated network of sub contractors based upon your specific project requirements
• Maintain inventory of both; raw material, and fully completed parts
• Provide all required material certifications
• Provide all required dimensional inspection reports
• Will ship your parts per your specific packaging requirements
• Ship fully processed parts based upon your delivery schedule, to your specified locations
• Maintain all required documentation
• Electronic capabilities available to interface with other companies, such as being EDI capable
• Experience with online auctions


Project Management

The main job of every employee is customer satisfaction. We feel that as a customer, you can place an order, and know that you will get a part that will meet or exceed your print requirements

The key to our Project Management approach is based on each customer’s needs. The management team is willing to accommodate each company we do business with on a personal and individual bases. Metal-Tech Mfg. Inc. has grown over the last 25 years with our customers’ needs in mind, and our focus has been on competitive prices and excellent delivery.
We take pride in our ability to provide flexible service to our customers, and we are a big believer in engineering support to reduce cost and eliminate waste
We welcome opportunities to evaluate any part for potential cost saving ideas. Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles are part of our culture