Mazak Integrex i200S 

40”/1000U Mazatrol Matrix 2  Control
Standard Chuck Dia. Main Spindle (L):  8” (10” option)
Standard Chuck Dia. Second Spindle (R): 8”(10” option)
Maximum Swing: 25.9”
Maximum Swing over Cross Slide: 25.9”
Maximum Cutting Diameter: Chucking 25.9”
Maximum Cutting Length: 39.8”

Mazak Nexus 410 B Machining Center

X:  43.3 Inches
Y:  16.1 Inches
Z:  22.4 Inches

At Metal-Tech we not only offer expert machining with first class quality......

We have the backend technical skill to support your ever-changing needs.  Specializing in fulfilling your requirements from experimental parts production up to medium/high production runs in low/medium carbon and stainless steels with the following services provided;

2-Axis turning (up to 3” round capacity)
Complex multi-tasking turn/mill (up to 12” round capacity)
Vertical machining centers with both small and large table sizes to fit your design
Table size: 30 x 16 x 20” (X Y Z) up to 68 x 24 x 26” (X Y Z)

Mazak Nexus 700 D-II Machining Center

X:  60.24 Inches
Y:  27.5 Inches
Z:  25.0 Inches without tooling

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Mazak Nexus 250 D/50 Machining Center

X:  69 Inches
Y:  32.8 Inches
Z:  29.9 Inches

​​​​Metal-Tech Mfg. Inc.

Mazak Integrex 300-IV 

X:  17.5" Outer Diameter Max
Y:  17.5"
Z:  Sub Spindle Chuck to Chuck is 63.5"
B:  Milling Capabilities as well

Mazak Nexus 250-II MSY 

X: Bar diameter (bar feed diameter 3 inches, but can OD 14 inches)
Y: 10 Inch Chuck
Z: 20 Inches Center to Center
Sub Spindle live tooling
Equipped with Bar Feeder

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 Leader in Precision Machining Since 1988.

Other services provided include;

Simple assembly

If your design requires Heat Treat, Plating or Painting we have tier 2 suppliers to cover these processes as well.

Mazak Nexus 250 MY 

X:  10" Chuck
Y:  Live Tooling
Z:  20" Center to Center
Equipped with Bar Feeder with Bar Stock Diameter: 3" at 5' Long