Metal-Tech Mfg. Inc.

We specialize in the manufacturing of quality machined parts and welded assemblies

Metal-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. is a woman-owned company, established in 1988, and we specialize in precision-machined parts and welded assemblies.  We take pride in being flexible, fluid, and dynamic in our processes which allows us to provide all-encompassing solutions to the wide-range of our customers needs.  Metal-Tech Mfg. mandates a standard of quality that warrants ISO 9001/2008 certification.  Quick turnaround time and an innovative approach to all aspects of our business give us the capabilities necessary to achieve success in the eyes of our customers.  Our focus is to provide impeccable service through quality and innovation.  Every effort will be made to surpass our customer’s expectations.  


1445 S 18th St. Clinton IA 52732

(563) 242-3481